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We all face tough moments in our lives. Whether you are dealing with depression and anxiety, feeling stuck at work, facing loneliness, longing to feel close to a partner or are hurt and frustrated by reproductive barriers, therapy can help relieve the pain, improve your capacity to cope and your ability to connect with others.

In sessions, I provide a safe, non-judgmental place for you to talk over what is troubling you. I will listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions, provide feedback and direction and work with you to make desired changes in your life.   


Therapy can help you identify your own strengths, deepen your self-understanding and gain better tools to relieve the stress in your life. I help my clients to delve deeply into the process of therapy and will encourage you to be curious, questioning and to actively participate with me in our sessions.


I work with couples of any gender and orientation at all stages in their relationship. Often treatment will focus on: improving communication, reducing conflict, enhancing intimacy, and parenting concerns.  I also offer pre-marital counseling sessions to help couples get off to a good start.


When you feel overwhelmed by reproductive challenges, therapy can give you the emotional support and coping skills you need. My expertise includes individual and couples counseling for: infertility and infertility treatment; pregnancy loss, including late-term loss and stillbirth; postpartum mood disorders; parenting after infertility and pregnancy loss; and counseling and evaluations for donor gamete recipients. I am a proud supporter of LGBTQ+ family building.


Whether you are a growing family expecting the arrival of a new baby, a single parent with teens, or empty nesters with adult children returning to the family home to live, I can help you work out tensions, improve your communication and have greater fulfillment in your family life.

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